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About us

Personnel decisions always mean entrepreneurial responsibility!


Why do we make this claim?


Every employee strives for recognition and appreciation! This does not always relate to monetary or managerial responsibility. Just recognizing that you have made a relevant contribution to the company’s success makes people satisfied and happy!


When hiring new colleagues, we assume responsibility for people and for the company. We create induction plans and are responsible for a smooth start. We assess people during the probationary period, after six or nine months we conduct qualification interviews and responsibly decide what kind of resources and development are necessary for the further development of the employee. If the results achieved are not on target, we determine measures that should have a corrective effect. We bear the responsibility that the investment in people is worthwhile. And if, after a while, success is not achieved despite our mindful attention to the new colleague, we are responsible for transparent communication and fair separation!


This responsibility cannot be delegated to anyone and therefore personnel decisions are always entrepreneurial responsibility. Each of our services is based on this statement and we use all our strengths and experience to fulfill our tasks.

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