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Out-/ Newplacement

Increase opportunities for employees and companies through out-/new placement.

Professional separation management / new placement.

Newplacement is the supporting instrument for the release of staff, which is usually used by the employer when the employment relationship ends. The aim is to reduce the disappointment and negative consequences of the dismissal for the employee, but also for the employer.


The purpose of a Newplacement is to take into account the different interests and needs companies and affected employees

  • by offering a wide range of consulting services, the departing employee is given the opportunity to use a targeted strategy to find a new job in another company that corresponds to his/her skills and inclinations 

  • the terminating company can carry out the necessary layoffs from a morally and socially responsible perspective


Thanks to new placement, changes in the personnel structure of companies can now be made faster and more efficient, without neglecting the human factor.


To which companies does this apply?


In principle, the newplacement process can be used in any company, whether large or small, family business or public company. The decisive factor is whether the company management is willing to tackle and solve a sensitive personnel issue without delay on the one hand, while respecting moral and ethical principles within the framework of the corporate culture on the other hand.


When is a newplacement necessary?


A Newplacement  is recommended in situations in which the company management determines that employees can no longer be deployed efficiently and sensibly  in their current position in the future. Such situations occur in particular with:

  • a relocation or termination of business areas

  • a merger/acquisition

  • a restructuring

  • insurmountable interpersonal problems

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