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Professional integration
after illness

We support and position people for future professional steps who have been unable to work due to a variety of illness-related absences.

Support for people to integrate quickly and successfully into the job market.

Various illness-related absences require support:


  • Long COVID

  • Burnout/Boreout Syndrome

  • Lack of energy/drive

  • Strokes

  • Hearth/circulatory diseases

  • Cancer

  • Constant overwhelm due to a sense of entitlement

  • Depression/anxiety disorders

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

  • Addiction and dependency diseases


Through professional advice and support. The insured person is sustainably integrated into the job market in order to save costs/time and at the same time create added value for our economy (daily sickness benefit insurance, disability insurance, unemployment insurance):


  • Building positive self-image

  • Show alternative career options

  • Professional and personal support

  • Strengthening self-confidence in negotiations

  • Get rid of behavioral patterns and self-doubt

  • Reduce relapses of absences due to illness

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