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The personality assessment is a secure, efficient procedure for the systematic assessment and selection of high potential and high performers. It provides a reliable and meaningful basis for important personnel decisions. 

We offer a variety of need based, tailor-made solutions.

Application of individual assessment (personality assessment)

The assessment focuses on the systematic analysis of individual competencies and abilities with regard to the requirements of a specific position. An individual strengths/weaknesses profile of the candidate is created and mapped with the respective required profile, so to derive a specific decision or development recommendation.


This particularly in connection with:

  • The selection of internal and external applicants

  • The identification of management and leadership skills and high potentials

  • The plausibility check of promotion and transfer decisions

  • The implementation of individual career and development planning

  • The initialization and support in  personal coaching


Management Audit

The management audit is about the systematic qualification of management competence at the various management levels. Not only are managerial, leadership and social skills assessed, but above all, entrepreneurial skills, business understanding and operational management skills are also subject to a detailed analysis.


As a result, the individual assessments are presented both in the form of individual strengths/weaknesses profiles and in the form of comparative portfolios. These are summarized in a meaningful audit report and supplemented with concrete recommendations for action.


All of personality-analyzes are tailor-made and individually aligned to the respective needs. Structured interviews, psychometric diagnostic procedures, business cases, performance analyses, as well as target group-specific discussion and leadership situations are developed and coordinated based on needs.  In this respect, each concept is different, but they are all based on the same principles of economic efficiency.


Personality assessment instruments

The individual test and diagnostic procedures support both simple and multi-stage selection and development processes. Be it as a basis for assessment and decision-making in the context of applicant selection or for systematic succession and development planning. It is also used as a basis for discussion and feedback in connection with team development and assessment processes.


The individual processes can be combined and used as needed. All test procedures have been tried and tested many times and have proven successfully in operational practice for several years.


The following test and diagnosis platforms are available to you:

  • Personality inventory – DIN 33430

  • Intelligence structure diagnosis – DIN 33430

  • Procedure for emotional influencing factors

  • International language tests

  • Mailbox exercises – suitability of managers/leaders

  • Achievement motivation inventory - recording performance motivators

  • Conversation simulation of management task

  • 360 degree assessmenta

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