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Aline Kummert

Aline Kummert

Senior Management Consultant

My story

Aline Kummert 

As a successful graduate in business administration, I am used to realizing entrepreneurial goals. I enjoy leading projects in specialist or management functions to optimize results. My affinity for organization, sales and marketing enables me to demonstrate my holistic approach on a daily basis.


My success is based on open and transparent communication. My creative solutions enable me to define visions and strategies, and I am also happy to take responsibility for their implementation. I have been able to apply my doer qualities particularly in the development and expansion of business activities.


To date, I have been able to apply my broad experience in a wide variety of business cycles: in the development, consolidation and reorganization of companies through to their orderly liquidation


I feel comfortable in flat hierarchies and contribute to sustainable success with commitment and goal orientation. I remain authentic, approachable and reliable. Thanks to my professional experience, I speak English as well as German.


As a Senior Management Consultant, I am actively involved in everything from recruitment and coaching to leadership workshops, and my practical advice provides specialists and managers with support for a wide range of challenges.


I am always looking for new, exciting possibilities.

+41 (0) 44 808 78 78

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